A commitment for payment is formed when the user confirms the order. The vendor for the services sold in Kyyti app is Kyyti Operointi Oy.

The user can store one or several payment methods onto his or her user account. The payment method can be a debit- or a credit card. If your mobile device supports Apple Pay it can also be used as a payment method. You are able to enter your card number by clicking the greyed out number area below the "Kortti" text.

Kyyti Operointi does not store the detailed information on the payment methods in its customer register, but the information is stored by the payment service provider that Kyyti Operointi uses. The payment service provider is shown in the Kyyti app when storing the payment method.

Payment is charged from the payment method chosen by the user. This can be for example an automatic charge from a credit card.

Kyyti Operointi Oy has the right to make a pre-authorisation on your credit card.

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