Kyyti has a zero tolerance for all forms of harassment and inappropriate behavior. The driver is obliged to remove a customer who interferes with other passengers or drivers in a sexual, racist or other inappropriate way, and does not, in spite of being told to do so, immediately cease harassment. Harassment is behavior whose object can interpret it as harassment, an offense or otherwise inappropriate. The driver has the right not to allow a customer onboard who behaves aggressively or in a way that is likely to be disturbing or a safety issue for other passengers. In case of harrassment, the driver has the right to prevent the customer behaving in above-described manner from leaving the vehicle at the same address as the harassed person if there is reason to believe that it is necessary for safety reasons. Kyyti reserves the right to deny clients who were previously using Kyyti and were being guilty of harassment or other inappropriate behaviour from boarding the vehicle. In situations described above, those who have been removed from or denied boarding will not be refunded.

No alcohol consumption, drug use or using any smoking related products are allowed on Kyyti.

Should the customer behave so that it requires action (cleaning or repairing the vehicle etc) the customer is held liable for the actions needed. The customer is obliged to compensate the resulting expenses directly to the travel service provider. The driver can charge the compensation in the vehicle or the charge can be billed afterwards.

In case of illegibility concerning the compensation the customer can contact Kyyti customer support.

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