Kyyti offers two different service levels which are Kyyti Taksi and Kyyti Kimppa. These are shown as alternatives when making the order.

Kyyti Taksi carries the specified amount of passengers straight from the pickup point to the destination and there is no pooling. Kyyti Taksi is priced similarly as a traditional taxi would be.

When using Kyyti Kimppa the order made by the customer can be pooled with other orders heading to the same direction. This may cause the pickup and arrival times and the total duration of the trip to flex within notified limits. The pickup and arrival times of different customers form the vehicles´ routes and schedules. The driver picks up and drops off customers according to this schedule.

Kyyti offers dynamic pricing, and in addition to the chosen service level the price is dependent on multiple parameters, including starting fees, number of passengers, luggage surcharge, time of day and the day of the week.

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