The price of the Kyyti trip is shown before the customer confirms the order. Kyyti is paid using the application when making the order and it is charged after the trip from the means of payment the customer has specified.

Before a Kyyti takes place, the price will show as an authorization hold on the customer´s account. Orders under 10€ will show as authorization holds for 10€. This amount is reserved for the case of a "no-show" payment which is charged in a situation where the driver does not reach the customer in the time and place specified by the user.

Ennen Kyydin toteutumista Kyydin hinta näkyy katevarauksena asiakkaan tilillä. Alle 10€ tilaukset näkyvät 10€ varauksena ns. "no-show" - maksua varten joka veloitetaan mikäli kuljettaja ei tavoita asiakasta tilattuun aikaan tilatusta paikasta.

Payment directly to the driver is not possible.

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