Kyyti is ordered with the Kyyti-application that works on both iOS and Android devices. Making an order using any other means is not possible. 

Use links below to download the app.

When ordering Kyyti it is required to enter the start and finish locations for the trip, the total number of passengers and the desired time of travel.

Please store your phone number into the application so that our driver can contact you in case of any problems.

It is possible to order the Kyyti pickup either as soon as possible or at maximum 5 days before in advance by defining either the earliest possible pickup time or the latest desired time of arrival.

You can change Kyyti´s departure or arrival times by tapping on the times shown on the map that is visible when making an order.

The customer is notified about the exact pickup time when the driver has accepted the order, after this it is possible to follow the car on the map on the application. The application waits for a driver to accept a ride for a maximum of 4 minutes. During this wait time the customer can cancel the order.

Advance orders are sent to the drivers 30 minutes before the earliest possible pickup time after which the driver has 4 minutes to accept the order. The customer gets a confirmation about the advance order at least 26 minutes before the earliest possible pickup time.

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