Updated: 14th November 2018

1. Scope of application

These terms and conditions are applicable to the Valmet Automotive Express commuter transport lines that use the mobile ticket products tailored for the employees of Valmet Automotive Ltd. These terms and conditions are applied to the specially priced ticket products available for the employees of Valmet Automotive.

1.1. Responsibilities in the organisation of transportation

For the purposes of this transport system, the competent authority under the Public Transport Act is the ELY Centre for Southwest Finland.

The transport orderer is the ELY Centre for Southwest Finland.

The transport system is funded by the ELY Centre for Southwest Finland and Valmet Automotive Ltd. 

The mobile ticket sales application is commissioned by Valmet Automotive Ltd.

The mobile ticket sales application is provided by Kyyti Group Ltd.

The transport service is operated by a transport company tendered by the orderer. Up-to-date information of the current operator is available at: www.kyyti.com/valmetautomotive. 

1.2. Limitation of the orderer’s liability

The transport orderer is not responsible for the mobile ticket sales application and is not liable for damages caused by other possible contracting parties.

2. Purchasing the ticket products

A customer must be a Valmet Automotive employee in order to purchase ticket products. Valmet Automotive oversees the right to use the ticket products, also with regard to the employees of other companies operating in the factory premises. Valmet Automotive reserves the right to grant or deny a passenger the right to use the specially priced products.

Ticket products can only be purchased with Kyyti application provided by Kyyti Operointi. Kyyti app can be downloaded and installed to a mobile device running either Android or iOS operating system. Kyyti app can be downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet from the Google Play store (Android device) or AppStore (iOS devices).

A user must register into the Kyyti app and create a user account. When registering, the customer agrees to Kyyti Operointi terms of use, which are available on the Kyyti website: www.kyyti.com/terms.

Available ticket products:

  1. Single ticket: The period of validity begins from the moment the ticket is ordered. The ticket is valid for 2 h. You can use the ticket for one one-way trip on the Valmet Automotive express bus route between Turku and Uusikaupunki.
  2. 30-day ticket: The period of validity begins from the moment the ticket is ordered. You can travel within 30 days on the Valmet Automotive express bus route between Turku and Uusikaupunki, maximum 3 trips/day. The ticket is personal and the user can only have one valid 30 day ticket at a time.

3. Payments and benefits

The prices of ticket products available for Valmet Automotive employees can be found in the Kyyti application and on the Vainion liikenne website. VAT of 10% is included in the prices. Customers are not charged service fees or other commissions for their ticket purchases.

4. Using the tickets products

To use the tickets, the customer must join the Valmet Automotive group in the Kyyti application following the instructions provided by the employer and save the payment information.

A valid ticket must always be displayed when boarding the vehicle. The customer must always make sure that the ticket can be opened in the Kyyti app in good time before boarding the bus. If the customer's phone is running out of battery or the application does not work and he can not display the ticket, he has to purchase a normal ticket from the driver.

If the Kyyti order database shows that a customer had a valid ticket that did not open for him, he will be credited with the price of the ticket purchased from the driver.

The application user account and the tickets purchased are personal and can only be used for private purposes. The application must not be used for illegal purposes.

Due to the above mentioned reason, the opening of a ticket on several devices is limited. The device can be changed only once during the validity period of the ticket. Due to breaking devices and their maintenance services, the ticket can also be transferred back to the original device once. If a customer attempts to change the device for the third time, the ticket will be locked on the previous device.

The customer is responsible for any unauthorized use of the application and tickets if it is intentional or caused by negligence on the part of the user in maintaining or locking the mobile device.

Instructions for use are available at: www.kyyti.com/valmetautomotive.

5. Cancelling an order

A ticket purchase is binding and cannot be cancelled. Ticket cancellations are only possible for major reasons, such as in health-related situations. Cancelling and refunding ticket purchases are decided on a case-by-case basis, according to the service provider’s assessment of the situation.

6. Ticket misuse

Only one person may travel with a purchased ticket, and the purchased right to travel may not be transferred to another person. When purchasing a specially priced ticket available for Valmet Automotive employees, the customer agrees to comply with the terms of use in this document. In case of misuse, the person’s right to travel with specially priced ticket products may be revoked.

7. Reclamations and requests for clarification

Reclamations and requests for clarification concerning the application must be submitted to Kyyti Operointi at [email protected] 

Reclamations and requests for clarification concerning the transport operation shall be directed to the transport operator. Contact details of the current transport operator are available at Kyyti website: www.kyyti.com/valmetautomotive. 

8. Access to customer records and data protection

For this transport service, the data controller is Kyyti Operointi Oy. The Privacy Policy in accordance with Articles 13 and 14 of the EU Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) can be found on Kyyti Operointi website: www.kyyti.com/privacy

The transport organizers have the right to access data about ticket sales and trips traveled for the purposes of monitoring changes in the transport as well as to identify misuse and needs for policy changes.

9. Validity and alteration of the terms of use

These terms of use are valid until further notice. These terms of use are subject to change. If the alteration of these terms increases the customer's obligations or reduces his / her rights and the alteration does not result from a change in legislation or from an authority decision, the alteration is communicated to the customers in the Kyyti application and by email.

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