After  successfully joining the Valmet Automotive group you can buy Turku - Valmet Automotive bus tickets inside the app. All already-purchased, active tickets as well as buying new tickets are accessed by Kyyti's bottom right cornet ticket icon. Note that buying a ticket requires an active internet connection. 

When buying tickets, you can define the desired starting time for the tickets´s validity. You can either define it as "now", which means the ticket will be valid immediately or alternatively you can define the validity to start "Later" which means it will be active in the future. Single tickets can be defined to be valid max 24hrs in advance, season tickets can be defined to be valid max 14 days in advance.

If you have defined the validity start into the future, you´ll see your ticket in the ticket list. You can activate your ticket before the time you have set by clicking on "activate ticket" which will activate the validity immediately.

Valmet Automotive Express - single tickets are valid for 2hrs from the time of activation.







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